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Boosting Live – We are a Community of Professional Players

Welcome to our big family of master gamers! We are professionally engaged in the gaming and boosting market for more than 5 years already. Our strong experience in World of Warcraft and Dota 2 will be extremely helpful to you. We’ve started as a small team of five doing mostly Pandarian challenge mode boosts on a small scale. But in time, we’ve grown significantly and nowadays our community has its own guild. Each and every member of our clan is pro gamer and vetted booster that will make sure our customers are satisfied with their requested boosting services. Boosting Live is here for the long run!

When you order from Boosting Live, you will work directly with us. No third parties, no intermediates, no affiliate schemes, and no outsourcing. We are doing it ourselves to ensure hundred percent satisfaction and guaranteed results at affordable price, which is nearly 30% to 50% off from most other boosting services in the branch. You can be sure that your time and money are well-spent and you will always receive even more of what you’ve paid for. Our goal is to make you happy with our services and join the many other loyal customers that we’ve accumulated over the years.

Boosting Live works with security and safety in mind. Our professional boosters always employ VPN services to avoid account lockout in case of account sharing. We will also never ask about additional information for your account besides the one that we need to do our job. You can have peace of mind that we will never ever request your sensitive data, such as secret question, secret answer, account holder information, or email info.

Smooth experience without any complications and full satisfaction from our services is guaranteed.