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Leveling / Power of Christmas

Leveling / Power of Christmas

435 335

(300 – 330 Power level + Raid Lair for free)



List of your Power Level Benefits:

  1. 300 – 330 Power Level
  2. Free Raid Lair – Eater of Worlds
  3. Emperor’s Envy emblem for completing the Raid Lair for the first time
  4. Unique Eater of Worlds gear and weapons , which can’t be obtained through the classic Raid
  5. A lot of Rare and Legendary gear
  6. Exotic Engrams
  7. Bright Engrams
  8. Legendary shards
  9. A lot of Glimmer

All Exotic, Legendary and Rare gear will be left on your character, in your Vault or at Postmaster. Common items and some Rare gear (blues) will be dismantled or infused. It will help gain Power level, Glimmer, Legendary shards and free some space.