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Leviathan Raid Prestige - from any desired stage

Leviathan Raid Prestige – from any desired stage


  • Your additional options for receiving more loot and power from the Raid:

    • 89 €
    • 50 €
    • 10 €
    • 25 €
    • 90 €
    • 170 €


List of your Raid Benefits:

  1. Embrace His Name emblem for completing the Raid for the first time
  2. Random Powerful Raid gear and weapons, which will increase your Power level
  3. Random Rare and Legendary Engrams
  4. A lot of Emperor Calus tokens for you to level up your Emperor reputation for even more loot.
  5. 3 Raid Keys to special chests in the Underbelly of Leviathan for even more loot. Chests may contain more sweet Raid loot, Raid Tokens and Exotics. Note, that these keys will disappear after the weekly reset!


  1. 300 Power level (can be provided by our Power Leveling service right now)
  2. Prestige Raid unlocked – you have to complete Normal Raid at least once.
  3. No special weapons or gear needed