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Heroic Dungeons Bundle

Heroic Dungeons Bundle

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BfA Heroic Dungeons

  • You will get kill of all bosses in heroic mode in 8/8 dungeons
  • All loot is yours. All loot will be yours without any extra payments
  • Following achievements according to the options you have chosen: tbd
  • You will receive Azerite for leveling the Heart of Azeroth
  • Great loot. At the end of the dungeon you have a chance to loot your BiS item that can Titanforge to the highest ilvl possible
  • VPN with your Geo location is always used when we log in your account


  • Your character should be 120 level
  • No Gear requirements
  • In case of account sharing we will need ONLY your login and password, but NOT any other information related to your account (secret question/answer/account holder information/email info). We guarantee that your account will be safe


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