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Tomb of Sargeras Heroic (Masterloot)

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  • Piloted
  • Selfplay

65,00 €

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By purchasing  Tomb of Sargeras Heroic (Masterloot),  you will get:

  • 915-920 ilvl + NEW gear , that can Warforge or even Titanforge to even a higher ilvl.
  • You will conquer the new raid  on Heroic difficulty with professional raiders and be among the first to do it.
  • All loot  according to the options you had chosen.
  • Tons of artifact power , which you will get during the boost.
  • You will get the following achievements: Deceiver's Fall , Chamber of the Avatar , The Gates of Hell , Wailing Halls .
  • Main achievement  Ahead of the Curve: Kil'jaeden
  • At least 7 item slots  for your main spec if you chose all priorities. Also, 7 items is only the MINIMUM guaranteed amount which means that you will get much more .
  • Full 25 + man raid : there will be at least 5 items dropped from each boss. That means more chances to get your BiS items.
  • In case of bad luck (if you will loot less than 7 slots) will of <br> we take you to the next the run  the Free of charge , to the get the missing ones.
  • Stack your chance of legendary!  During the raid you will get kill points which stacks your bad luck protection and increases the change to loot a legendary item.
  • You will be provided with a  live stream  in the case of the piloted option.
  • Do not miss your chance to be the first!


  • Your charecter should be on the EU server.
  • Your character should be 110 level.
  • No Gear requirements.
  • In case of an account sharing, we will need ONLY your login and password. We guarantee that your account will be safe.