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Welcome to Professional World of Warcraft Boosting

Here at Boosting Live, we know hard and time-consuming can it be to reach certain levels, achievements or raid rewards. That’s why we have created our specialized WOW boosting services. With affordable pricing and only professional boosters, we offer the most comprehensive World of Warcraft boosting service. We have a wide list of services that will suit your every PVP or PVE needs. Powerleveling is also available for people that just can bear to level up their new character or a are stuck at a certain level. No need to leave the game just contact us right away and we’ll do it for you

PVE Services

PVP Services





Why should you choose our boosting service?

The vast universe of World of Warcraft can be hard to cover for some players. With so many excellent rewards you can get there’s just not enough time achieve it all. But why should you not have them? Don’t “steal” time from your busy weekdays just, so you can get that most desired item or achievement. Our boosters have years of experience in World of Warcraft and can do everything quickly and with great care to detail

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get with our service:

  • Dedicated boosters – They are only real players we don’t use bots or any other cheeky boosting methods
  • Competitive pricing – All of our services will suit everyone’s budget and not put a hole in your wallet
  • Customer support 24/7  – Our dedicated employees will answer every question about the game You can ask anything about the service and get an answer right away
  • Fully anonymous service – No one will know that your account is boosted we will keep everything under the radar
  • Guaranteed service! – Yes, you’ve read that right. We guarantee that you’ll get your rewards or have your money back
  • Protected website and secure payment system – We have a secure SSL encryption on our website that protects your personal data

Get Your WoW Boosting Service Today!

We’ve already mentioned our affordable pricing and guaranteed service so why wait any longer? Just choose the service you need from our list and one of the representatives will get in touch with shortly. Buy World of Warcraft boosting today!