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Zandalari Trolls Allied Race Unlock

Zandalari Trolls Allied Race Unlock


    • 24 €
    • 75 €


Here you can buy Zandalari Trolls Horde race Unlock Boost (BFA Allied Race)

Buying Zandalari Trolls Horde race Unlock Boost, you will get:


  • Your character should be 120 level
  • No Gear requirements
  • In case of account sharing we will need ONLY your login and password, but NOT any other information related to your account (secret question/answer/account holder information/email info)

Boost will take 1-3 weeks (depends on your progress)

Also you can purchase with discount 20-120 boost leveling of your brand new Zandalari Troll to get herritage armor set:

Some useful info about new race:

Zandalari Trolls can be the following classes: Druid, HunterMageMonkPaladin, PriestRogueShamanWarrior


New unique model for Shaman totems:




The Zandalari Trolls are a powerful, ancient empire. Throughout their long and storied history, they worked with the Mogu and Lei Shen, but ultimately faced a string of defeats, at the hands of the Tol’vir, Pandaren Revolution, and High Elves. In early WoW, they assisted us in our plans to raid Zul’Gurb, but in Mists of Pandaria they were once again our enemy, plotting to revive Lei Shen on the Isle of Thunder.